Restoring History, Elevating Skyline: Baynum C&I Solutions’ Role in Union Central Tower’s Transformation

At the heart of Cincinnati’s bustling downtown stands the iconic Union Central PNC Tower, a testament to the city’s rich history and architectural grandeur. Built in 1913, this towering landmark has witnessed the evolution of the cityscape over the decades. Today, as the downtown area experiences a renaissance, Union Central PNC Tower undergoes a remarkable transformation, thanks to the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including Baynum Solutions.

Baynum C&I Solutions, a leading name in commercial and industrial painting, played a pivotal role in revitalizing this historic structure. Tasked with the challenging endeavor of restoring the pyramid atop the 495-foot skyscraper, Baynum’s expertise and dedication shone through.

Preserving Legacy with Siliconized Elastomeric Coating

One of the critical aspects of this project was ensuring the longevity and durability of the pyramid structure. To achieve this, Baynum partnered with R.L. Wurz Company, a local Cincinnati supplier renowned for specialized coatings. Through Wurz, Baynum accessed a siliconized elastomeric coating manufactured by DOW. This innovative coating solution offers unparalleled protection against moisture damage, a crucial consideration for a structure exposed to the elements at such heights. With its impermeable membrane, the silicone coating acts as a shield, maintaining its water resistance even under pressure. Furthermore, its superior durability ensures long-lasting protection, outlasting traditional coatings and reducing maintenance requirements.

Scaling New Heights with Swing Stage Scaffolding

Accessing the pyramid, perched high above the city skyline, presented a unique set of challenges that Baynum Solutions was more than qualified to answer. Enter the essential swing stage scaffolding, a crucial component provided and installed by Baynum. This specialized elevated work platform, though difficult to install, is suspended by suspension lines and offered the perfect solution for working at extreme heights. With safety beams and counterweights ensuring stability, the swing stage facilitated efficient transportation of workers, tools, and materials to the job site. Its versatility and user-friendly operation made it the ideal choice for navigating the intricate architectural elements of the tower.

Navigating Complexity with Adaptability

As part of a larger redevelopment project managed by LRT, Baynum C&I Solutions seamlessly integrated into a dynamic construction environment. Collaborating with various trades, navigating logistical challenges, and adhering to tight schedules required a high level of adaptability and expertise. Despite the complexities, Baynum’s team rose to the occasion, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in every aspect of the project.

Preservation meets Innovation: A Bright Future for Union Central Tower

The transformation of Union Central Tower represents more than just a restoration; it’s a symbol of revitalization and progress. By breathing new life into this historic landmark, Baynum C&I Solutions not only preserves the city’s heritage but also contributes to its vibrant future. As the skyline evolves, Union Central Tower stands tall, a testament to the enduring spirit of Cincinnati and the dedication of those who strive to elevate it.

“I have worked with John Andrews and his team at Baynum for over 20 years and can say without a doubt that they give me top quality painters and products that make it easy to decide who to use on my jobs. John is always ready for a challenge and brings the paint reps. Out if he has even the slightest doubt of what product to use. It’s always a pleasure to partner with Baynum on any jobs they do for me.”

— Mark Runyan | Senior Division Manager , Building Management Partners Read more testimonials

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