Splash Guard series : Safeguarding Your Water Park at Start-Up

Welcome, water park operators and maintenance teams, to our latest Splash Guard Series blog post where we dive into essential aspects of preparing your water park for the upcoming season. As you gear up to open your doors, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, efficiency, and aesthetics. At Baynum Amusement Solutions, we’re here to support you every step of the way with our curated tips – also, make sure to get a copy of Baynum’s Top 10 B’s for Success at the end of our blog!

Prioritizing Safety and Efficiency at Start-Up

As you prepare to welcome guests back to your water park, safety should be your top priority. Conducting thorough inspections and tests of rides and equipment before opening to the public is essential to identify any potential hazards or issues. By addressing maintenance tasks such as structural checks, vital system maintenance, and water distribution optimization, operators can mitigate risks and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for guests from day one.

Cost Reduction and Environmental Sustainability

In addition to safety considerations, operators are increasingly focused on reducing operational costs and promoting environmental sustainability. By implementing water-efficient practices and technologies, such as monitoring water flow rates and addressing leaks, operators can minimize water waste and contribute to conservation efforts while reducing expenses.

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Maximizing Lifespan and Aesthetic Appeal

Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of water park equipment but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. Addressing issues such as surface cracks, chips, and sealant deterioration during start-up ensures that rides and attractions maintain their visual appeal while preserving structural integrity. Polishing and waxing surfaces not only restore shine but also provide added protection against wear and tear throughout the season.

Transparent Maintenance Efforts

Transparent communication of maintenance efforts to guests fosters trust and confidence in the park’s management. Logbooks documenting inspections, repairs, and operational tests provide transparency and demonstrate a commitment to safety and quality. By showcasing dedication to upkeep and maintenance, operators can enhance the overall guest experience and differentiate their park from competitors.


Preparing a water park for the start of the season requires careful planning and execution. At Baynum Amusement Solutions, we provide valuable insights to support your maintenance efforts — and are a call away should the efforts prove too taxing for your team prior to opening. Our tips offer practical suggestions for optimizing your practices, but it’s important to note that these are recommendations, not replacements for manufacturer’s guidelines.

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