Baynum solutions Shines at Coaster Con 46

We are excited to share that our founder, Chris Baynum, had the honor of speaking at Coaster Con 46, the flagship event of the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE). This year’s Coaster Con took place from June 16 to 21, 2024, at California’s Great America, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.


Coaster Con is much more than just riding some of the nation’s most exciting roller coasters. It’s an event filled with exclusive ride time (ERT) sessions, presentations, workshops, behind-the-scenes tours, and contests. This annual gathering, which began in 1978 with just over 50 enthusiasts, has grown into a multiday affair attended by 400 to 800 passionate roller coaster fans.

Roller Coasters Revealed: Painting the Icons, Conquering the Heights, and Telling the Tales Behind 30 Thrilling Projects”

We were deeply honored when ACE invited Chris to speak to a room full of American coaster enthusiasts. Held at Chris’s most beloved park, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the presentation highlighted 30 of the most iconic roller coasters we’ve had the honor of working on. Chris shared some fascinating behind-the-scenes stories, providing unique insights and anecdotes that resonated deeply with the audience. From full retheming projects to the challenges of working on extreme heights and complex topographies, his tales captured the true spirit of Baynum Solutions.


For Chris, speaking at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was not just a professional highlight but a personal one as well. This park holds a special place in his heart, making the experience even more meaningful. His passion and enthusiasm were palpable as he spoke, and the audience’s response was overwhelmingly positive.

Baynum Solutions has always been at the forefront of the amusement park industry, providing services such as coaster and ride painting, water slide restoration, and attraction installation. Our commitment to excellence and innovation was on full display during the presentation. He emphasized our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions while maintaining the integrity and safety of each project.

As we reflect on this incredible event, we are excited about the future. With a busy project season ahead, including major coaster paintings, waterpark slide restorations, and vibrant retheming projects, our team is ready and enthusiastic. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the amusement park industry.

Chris’s Presenation Notes


We are thrilled to share the full presentation with you. Click below to watch and gain an inside look at the amazing work we do at Baynum Solutions.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to ACE for this prestigious honor and to our incredible team for their continued hard work and dedication. Here’s to another year of growth, shared achievements, and the incredible people who make it all possible, always following “The Baynum Way.”

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Baynum Solutions!

Restoring History, Elevating Skyline: Baynum C&I Solutions’ Role in Union Central Tower’s Transformation

At the heart of Cincinnati’s bustling downtown stands the iconic Union Central PNC Tower, a testament to the city’s rich history and architectural grandeur. Built in 1913, this towering landmark has witnessed the evolution of the cityscape over the decades. Today, as the downtown area experiences a renaissance, Union Central PNC Tower undergoes a remarkable transformation, thanks to the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including Baynum Solutions.

Baynum C&I Solutions, a leading name in commercial and industrial painting, played a pivotal role in revitalizing this historic structure. Tasked with the challenging endeavor of restoring the pyramid atop the 495-foot skyscraper, Baynum’s expertise and dedication shone through.

Preserving Legacy with Siliconized Elastomeric Coating

One of the critical aspects of this project was ensuring the longevity and durability of the pyramid structure. To achieve this, Baynum partnered with R.L. Wurz Company, a local Cincinnati supplier renowned for specialized coatings. Through Wurz, Baynum accessed a siliconized elastomeric coating manufactured by DOW. This innovative coating solution offers unparalleled protection against moisture damage, a crucial consideration for a structure exposed to the elements at such heights. With its impermeable membrane, the silicone coating acts as a shield, maintaining its water resistance even under pressure. Furthermore, its superior durability ensures long-lasting protection, outlasting traditional coatings and reducing maintenance requirements.

Scaling New Heights with Swing Stage Scaffolding

Accessing the pyramid, perched high above the city skyline, presented a unique set of challenges that Baynum Solutions was more than qualified to answer. Enter the essential swing stage scaffolding, a crucial component provided and installed by Baynum. This specialized elevated work platform, though difficult to install, is suspended by suspension lines and offered the perfect solution for working at extreme heights. With safety beams and counterweights ensuring stability, the swing stage facilitated efficient transportation of workers, tools, and materials to the job site. Its versatility and user-friendly operation made it the ideal choice for navigating the intricate architectural elements of the tower.

Navigating Complexity with Adaptability

As part of a larger redevelopment project managed by LRT, Baynum C&I Solutions seamlessly integrated into a dynamic construction environment. Collaborating with various trades, navigating logistical challenges, and adhering to tight schedules required a high level of adaptability and expertise. Despite the complexities, Baynum’s team rose to the occasion, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in every aspect of the project.

Preservation meets Innovation: A Bright Future for Union Central Tower

The transformation of Union Central Tower represents more than just a restoration; it’s a symbol of revitalization and progress. By breathing new life into this historic landmark, Baynum C&I Solutions not only preserves the city’s heritage but also contributes to its vibrant future. As the skyline evolves, Union Central Tower stands tall, a testament to the enduring spirit of Cincinnati and the dedication of those who strive to elevate it.

Tatsu’s Unforgettable Revival: Baynum Amusement Solutions Faced the Challenge Head-On

Buckle up for a story that’s as vibrant as the twists and turns of Tatsu, the legendary coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Last season, we teamed up with PPG to give Tatsu a makeover that still has everyone talking. 

Picture this: Tatsu, basking in the Californian sun for 16 years, needed a facelift. Six Flags Magic Mountain turned to us, and we knew it was our time to shine. Our mission? To not just repaint a coaster but to redefine its identity.

At Baynum, we take pride in our experience and the relationships we’ve built. Being the go-to team for amusement park transformations isn’t just a title; it’s a testament to the trust our clients place in us. We’ve been around the block, or should I say, the coaster, and Tatsu was no exception.

Our secret sauce? Well, it starts with partnerships. We teamed up with PPG for cutting-edge coatings, but it’s more than that. It’s about the years of collaboration, the understanding of what works best, and the assurance that when we take on a project, we bring not just paint but expertise to the table.

First things first, let’s talk about Tatsu’s transformation. A new color scheme isn’t just a fresh coat of paint; it’s a statement – that credit goes to the park, not us. Six Flags had a vision, and we were here to bring it to life. The vibrant green and orange? All them, and we were more than happy to wield the brushes. Visitors aren’t just witnessing a refreshed coaster; they’re experiencing the magic of a brand-new ride.

Now, let’s talk challenges. The topography of Tatsu’s location made this one of the trickiest projects we’ve ever taken on. Getting to the coaster for the paint job wasn’t a walk in the park – literally. Navigating the terrain and ensuring access to every nook and cranny of Tatsu was a puzzle we were determined to solve.

This wasn’t just a routine paint job; it was an intricate dance with the landscape. The twists and turns of Tatsu weren’t limited to the coaster itself but extended to the challenges we faced in reaching every inch of its steel structure.

What sets us apart? It’s not just the brush strokes or the vibrant colors. As the leading choice in amusement park transformations, our value proposition is simple – we bring more than just a service. We bring a legacy of excellence, a commitment to innovation, and a track record of turning aging coasters into the stars of the show.

As we celebrate the continued success of Tatsu’s transformation, we tip our hats to the real heroes – the park with its vision, our partners at PPG for delivering top-notch products, and our team that faced the challenge head-on. 

So, the next time you’re at Six Flags Magic Mountain and Tatsu whizzes by with its new look, remember the story behind the vibrancy. It’s not just a coaster; it’s a testament to overcoming challenges, collaborating with a vision, and turning an aging ride into a showstopper.

Baynum Amusement Solutions Welcomes Andy Maurek as Director

Baynum Amusement Solutions proudly welcomes Andy Maurek as the Director of their Amusement Division, marking a pivotal addition to the company’s leadership team. Maurek assumes responsibility for developing new business, managing projects, cultivating essential client and vendor relationships, and spearheading growth efforts. Maurek will begin at Baynum Amusement Solutions on December 4.

Maurek’s journey commenced over 40 years ago at Hyland Hills Water World, where his hands-on approach and insightful strategies significantly contributed to the park’s iconic reputation. During his recent seven-year tenure as Vice President of Business Development at Proslide Technologies, Maurek played a crucial role in driving strategic initiatives that elevated the company to global prominence. His market insights and ability to forge impactful partnerships were instrumental in establishing Proslide as a premier provider of innovative water attractions.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Maurek’s commitment to industry advancement is evident through his active involvement in esteemed organizations like WWA, IAAPA, E&A, and NASCO. He passionately shares his expertise as a respected educator, contributing significantly to the global waterpark community.

“We are excited to welcome Andy Maurek to our team,” said Walter Bowser, President of Baynum Amusement Solutions. “His extensive industry experience as both an operator and manufacturer coupled with his tenured background in business development allow him to hit the ground running. Andy’s leadership will undoubtedly drive our company’s advancement while enriching the experiences of our clients.”

Maurek’s appointment signifies Baynum Amusement Solutions’ ongoing dedication to delivering unparalleled amusement experiences and reinforces the company’s position as a leader in the industry. 

Celebrating “The Baynum Way”: Inaugural Employee Appreciation Awards

At Baynum Solutions, our dedicated team is at the heart of our success. We believe in recognizing and celebrating the individuals who go above and beyond to make our company what it is. That’s why we recently hosted our inaugural Employee Appreciation Awards, a night of appreciation, recognition, and camaraderie, all celebrating “The Baynum Way.”

A Night to Remember

The evening began with a warm and festive welcome reception at the iconic Carol Ann’s Carousel in downtown Cincinnati. Surrounded by the whimsical charm of the carousel, our team members and their guests were invited to take a ride and savor each other’s company while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and refreshing cocktails. Laughter and stories filled the air as we came together, not just as colleagues, but as friends.

Our team members enjoyed the carousel’s enchanting atmosphere during the welcome reception.

As the sun set over the Ohio River, we transitioned downstairs to Anderson Pavilion’s elegant conference hall, beautifully decorated. The space was transformed into a scene of pure sophistication, setting the stage for an exquisite dinner and, of course, the highly anticipated Employee Appreciation Awards ceremony.

Recognizing Excellence

The heart of the evening was, of course, our six inaugural Employee Appreciation Awards voted on by our peers. We’re thrilled to announce this year’s deserving recipients:

  • Trustworthy Award: Angela Hadden
  • Responsive Award: Aaron Holland
  • Extraordinary Award: Darin Niesz
  • Kind & Encouraging Award: Allura Eckert
  • Fearless Award: Adam Kimbrough
  • People’s Choice Award: Perry Sellers

Our exceptional award recipients, the heart and soul of Baynum Solutions.

These individuals have exemplified “The Baynum Way” in their day-to-day work, and we are incredibly proud to have them as part of our Baynum family. Each award was met with applause and cheers, as our team members recognized the extraordinary dedication and hard work of their peers.

Post-Dinner Delight

After the awards ceremony, we shifted the focus to what truly matters – spending quality time with friends and family. Our team members and guests relished in great food, drinks, and the opportunity to acknowledge another year of shared successes. Laughter echoed throughout the hall as old stories were retold and new memories were created.

Team members and their loved ones celebrating another year of success.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this event possible. It was a night to remember, celebrating our team’s hard work, dedication, and the sense of community that makes Baynum Solutions a great place to work.

Here’s to another year of growth, shared achievements, and the incredible people who make it all possible, always following “The Baynum Way.”

A Memorable Weekend at the Golden Ticket Awards

Celebrating Success Together: A Memorable Weekend at the Golden Ticket Awards

At Baynum Solutions, we believe that celebrating our team’s dedication and hard work is not just a tradition; it’s a core value. This past weekend, we had the privilege of coming together as a family at the 25th-anniversary celebration of the Golden Ticket Awards, and it was nothing short of magical.

Recognizing Excellence in the Amusement Industry

The Golden Ticket Awards, established by Amusement Today in 1998, have become the industry’s most prestigious accolades, shining a spotlight on the best in theme parks, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and water parks. In 2023, the event celebrated its 25th anniversary, making it an even more special occasion.

A Gesture of Appreciation

Our journey to the Golden Ticket Awards was not just about recognition but also a heartfelt gesture of appreciation from our company. We had the distinct pleasure of inviting our entire amusement division team to join us for this exceptional event. It was a small way of saying ‘thank you’ for their unwavering commitment to our solutions and support for the amusement industry.

A Shared Moment of Gratitude

We took a moment to capture the essence of this extraordinary weekend when our entire team stood together in front of the stage. Our shared journey, our triumphs, and our dedication to this industry were palpable in that single frame. It was a visual testament to our collective achievements.

A Magical Weekend

Our time at the Golden Ticket Awards was more than just professional recognition. It was a weekend filled with magic, laughter, and unforgettable experiences. Networking with industry experts, exploring the breathtaking Dollywood Park, and enjoying the luxurious accommodations at the DreamMore Resort made it a truly enchanting adventure.

A Special Thank You

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Amusement Today, the event coordinator, for orchestrating an exceptional event. Their dedication to the industry and commitment to excellence were evident at every turn. We’d also like to thank Herschend Entertainment, our gracious hosts, for their warm hospitality.

A Surprise to Remember

The weekend reached its climax with an unexpected surprise. The legendary Dolly Parton herself graced the stage and treated us to a live performance of her iconic hit, “9 to 5.” It was a moment that will forever be etched in our memories and added an extra layer of magic to our experience.

Looking Forward with Gratitude

As we reflect on this incredible weekend, we are filled with gratitude for our exceptional team and their tireless dedication to our industry. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones, and this event was a testament to our collective success.

We look forward to continuing this journey, exploring new horizons, and achieving even greater heights. Together, we will leave mediocrity behind and raise the bar for excellence in the amusement industry.

Thank you to our incredible team, Amusement Today, Herschend Entertainment, and everyone who made this weekend an unforgettable chapter in our company’s history. Here’s to the magic of the Golden Ticket Awards and the bright future ahead. 🌟

Corrosion remediation in water parks

Water parks are a symphony of steel and water. These parks are constructed with complex networks of metal structures, all designed to provide safety, support, and endless enjoyment. But, water, chlorine and the relentless march of time can cause corrosion, slowly eating away at these vital components.

As the industry’s premier coatings service provider, we play a pivotal role in mitigating rust, preventing corrosion, and ensuring that waterpark assets remain in top condition. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of corrosion in waterparks, exploring the reasons behind it, its impact, and, most importantly, the remedies.

Why Corrosion Matters:

Corrosion isn’t just an aesthetic issue. It poses a significant threat to the structural integrity of waterpark equipment and, ultimately, the safety of visitors. As metal components weaken due to corrosion, the risk of accidents increases. Therefore, preventing corrosion isn’t just about maintaining a waterpark’s appearance; it’s a critical safety concern.

The Culprits:

Understanding the enemies of water park structures is the first step in fighting corrosion effectively. Here are a few of the main culprits:

1. Water: Water might be the lifeblood of a water park, but it’s also one of the primary sources of corrosion. Continuous exposure to water can lead to rust and degradation of metal surfaces.

2. Chlorine and Chemicals: While chlorine is essential for water sanitation, it’s also corrosive. The chemicals used to maintain water quality can accelerate corrosion, especially if not properly controlled.

3. Sun and Weather: Outdoor water parks are exposed to the elements year-round. Sun, rain, and temperature fluctuations can all contribute to corrosion.

4. Wear and Tear: The high traffic and physical stress placed on water park structures can exacerbate corrosion, especially if protective coatings wear thin.

The Remedy:

Mitigating corrosion is a complex process that requires expertise and precision. Here are some key strategies and insights to help park operators maintain their water park assets:

1. Regular Inspections:

  • Reason: Early detection is key to preventing corrosion. Routine inspections allow you to identify issues before they become severe, saving time and money in the long run.
  • Data: According to the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), regular inspections can reduce the cost of corrosion-related damage by up to 25%.

2. Protective Coatings:

  • Reason: Protective coatings act as a barrier between metal surfaces and corrosive elements, preventing water and chemicals from making direct contact with the metal.
  • Data: Studies by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) show that properly applied coatings can extend the lifespan of metal structures by up to 50 years.

3. Water Quality Control:

  • Reason: Properly balanced water chemistry is crucial for preventing accelerated corrosion caused by aggressive water and chemical imbalances.
  • Data: Research published in the Journal of Corrosion Science and Engineering indicates that maintaining optimal water chemistry can reduce the rate of corrosion by 30% or more.

4. Maintenance:

  • Reason: Regular maintenance not only ensures the aesthetic appeal of water park structures but also helps identify and address corrosion at an early stage.
  • Data: The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) reports that water park operators who invest in ongoing maintenance experience a 20% decrease in corrosion-related repair costs.

5. Expert Consultation:

  • Reason: Collaborating with corrosion remediation specialists ensures that water park assets are protected using the latest technologies and industry best practices.
  • Data: A survey conducted by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) found that partnering with experts can reduce corrosion-related incidents by as much as 40%.

Water parks are a sanctuary of joy, where memories are made, and laughter fills the air. To keep these aquatic wonders safe and in peak condition, addressing corrosion is not just a good idea; it’s a necessity.

2022 – A Momentous Year for Baynum Solutions

That’s a wrap on ’22, one of the most momentous years in Baynum’s company history! After 40 years growing as Baynum Painting (& sister company BPI), during the summer we were thrilled to unveil our renewed brand identity (thanks COHO Creative team!), now known as Baynum Solutions. Proud to see this new vision coming to life, and especially grateful for the enthusiastic support from all on Baynum’s incredible team.  

There were so many record-setting achievements throughout the year:

Some of the largest Commercial + Industrial painting projects in company history were completed with the awesome Newport on the Levee transformation, and Emery Oleochemicals headquarters exterior!

On the Amusement Solutions front, we racked up well over 100 ride projects; on steel coasters like Tatsu, classic woodies including Racer, towers such as Eiffel Tower, and dozens of water parks around the world… And our Amusement Construction team just managed to beat the Sandusky weather and complete a major new coaster installation, which we can’t wait for the chance to ride next summer!

Thank you so much to all of our clients for trusting Baynum as your Solutions provider. And Thank You again to all of our team members, for making possible so many amazing accomplishments. I cannot wait to see some of the 2023 projects that will soon be unveiled to the world. It’s going to be another fun year together!


Dan Adams Managing Director Baynum Solutions We’ve got you covered

IAAPA Expo 2022

IAAPA never disappoints! We kicked off the week participating in Give Kids The World 19th Annual IAAPA International charity golf tournament. Followed by attending the IAAPA Expo – connecting with current and potential clients, discovering the latest trends in the amusement industry and having some fun, of course! We plan to wrap up our week at IAAPA celebrates and enjoy Universal Studios as park goers instead of coaster crew.

We are now Baynum Solutions!

We have BIG NEWS! Welcome to the Baynum Solutions brand identity! As our business has continued to evolve over the past 40 years, we have merged both sides of our business, Baynum Painting Inc. and BPI Painting Company, under one master brand — Baynum Solutions. While our reputation has been built on painting and coating some of the world’s biggest amusement park rides and slides, we now do so much more! Baynum Solutions has our customers’ most valuable assets covered!

Eiffel Tower’s Repaint is Complete

Baynum’s team was proud to complete our 3rd total repaint of Kings Island’s Eiffel Tower this spring ahead of the park’s 50th anniversary celebration. To commemorate the accomplishment you can see this awesome plaque now hanging alongside the tower’s elevator ride entry queue. A huge shout out of thanks once again to all of our friends at KI and Cedar Fair for choosing Baynum’s team as your service partner, and to all of the painters and support staff who did such a great job making the 2022 tower repaint a success!

Baynum Painting Welcomes Terri Stephens

Baynum Painting is pleased to announce another long time Amusement industry professional as the latest addition to our staff. Terry Stephens of Newnan GA has over 32 years’ history working at seven different parks across the US. Most recently serving as maintenance director for Six Flags (15+ years), Terry’s in depth knowledge of Amusement park operations, maintenance, and ride construction made him an excellent fit for Baynum’s team.

Terry is joining Baynum’s Amusement construction division, which over the last several years has grown its capacity to include new ride installs, relocations, water park ground up builds, and other major renovation work throughout the industry. We are excited to welcome Terry to the team, and look forward to sharing news on many of the fun projects coming up with his involvement!

Palace Entertainment’s 2022 Maintenance Safety Conference

We would like to thank Palace Entertainment for allowing Baynum Painting the opportunity to present at their 1st annual 2022 Maintenance Safety Conference. Melissa Bamford, Steve Hickey & Walt Bowser focused the presentation on how to successfully control corrosion/coatings and provide continuous fiberglass/gelcoat slide care in order to give park guests the safest experience possible.

AIMS Safety Seminar 2022

Combating corrosion on water park attractions will always be critically important for park owners and operators. Baynum Painting has extensive experience and background conducting corrosion remediation on all types of aquatic rides, so we jumped at the opportunity to partner with WhiteWater at AIMS 2022 Safety Seminar. ‘Keeping Your Waterpark Attractions Looking Good and Working Well–Maintaining Specialized Components’ was the subject, and our very own Melissa Timco Bamford, Director of Amusement Park Industry was a guest speaker. She did an incredible job emphasizing the importance of corrosion awareness, and highlighting best practices for protecting water parks from its dangerous effects.


Many of you are familiar with Baynum’s climb in the coaster world starting with ‘The Beast’ at Kings Island. But our waterpark story began a bit before that…After being hand brushed for years the ‘world’s largest recirculating pool’ at Cincinnati’s Coney Island needed to be resurfaced. It was 1984 and looking to gain more momentum in the commercial painting industry Chris Baynum submitted a bid and received the job! So Chris and 5 buddies got to work (apparently a perm was a requirement to work for Baynum Painting then). In just a week 1,000 gallons of chlorinated rubber was sprayed on and the job was complete! Jump forward 27 years and Sunlite Pool once again needed a facelift, Coney Island knew who to call…Baynum Painting dove right in (pun intended). We are so honored our friendship with Coney Island continues up to this day and we were trusted to care for their slides earlier this year. As a gem in Cincy for over 100 years we know all our families will continue to enjoy ‘Coney’ for many more years to come!

Now a Life Floor Certified Installer!

Baynum Painting is excited to officially announce joining Life Floor’s Registered Aquatic Partnership program. Life Floor provides a unique safety surfacing solution and is the first and only product certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 50 for use in aquatics recreation. In addition to being recognized as Certified Installers, we look forward to continuing to work with Life Floor in delivering exceptional service and value to our customers across the aquatics community.

“As the Amusement and Aquatic Park Industry’s leading surface and coatings provider, expanding Baynum’s offerings to include the highest quality safety flooring in the market aligns perfectly with our services. Our team of specialists are already doing ground up waterpark slide & aquatic feature installations, total renovations of existing fiberglass slides, steel corrosion remediation and prevention, and now we’re installing Life Floor on and around these same structures to help them look fantastic while improving site safety measures. Baynum is truly a turn-key service provider to the water park industry.”

— Walt Bowser | Vice President , Baynum Solutions

Fun Coaster’s Cars are Restored

Fun Coaster’s cars received Baynum Paintings comprehensive refurbishment plan. Each car was meticulously disassembled, with every nut, bolt, and inch of surface receiving complete restoration/ repair/ replacement- whatever was needed to bring them back to 100%. The finished product not only looks incredible, but it will allow Funplex guests to enjoy Fun Coaster for years to come.

1st Annual “Give Kids The World” Golf Outing Was a Huge Success!

Thank you to all who came out and supported the 1st Annual “Give Kids The World” Charity Golf Outing | Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Chapter! 2021 seemed like the perfect year to bring a little happiness and hope, and there isn’t a team around that does this better than the crew from Give Kids The World. We are beyond excited to announce over $18,000 was raised for the Village!!

“We cannot begin to express how grateful we are to JRA and Baynum Painting for hosting the 1st Annual Golf Tournament to benefit Give Kids The World. Chloe Hausfeld and Walt Bowser worked tirelessly to create an event that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Because of their efforts, and the support of so many treasured partners, we will be able to create the happiness that inspires hope for our precious guests”

— Pamela Landwirth | President and CEO , Give Kids The World

Huge shoutout to all the sponsors, players, prize donors, and volunteers that helped make this occasion such a huge success!

“Give Kids The World” Charity Golf Outing

After serving on the IAAPA-GKTW Sub-Committee together, Walt Bowser (Baynum Painting) and Chloe Hausfeld (JRA) decided this spring is the perfect time for the 1st Annual “Give Kids The World” Charity Golf Outing. What better way to support Give Kids the World, a place ‘Where Happiness Inspires Hope’ and bring friends and colleagues from the amusement park industry together again!

The fundraiser will be held May 17th @ 4pm at Northern Kentucky’s Summit Hills Country Club. To learn more about GKTW and how your contributions help check out this short video:

Combating Corrosion

Combating corrosion on amusement park rides will always be critically important for park owners and operators. Baynum Painting’s team of professionals has decades of experience and background conducting corrosion remediation on all types of rides in use today, and so we were thrilled to be asked to participate in a training session with corrosion as the topic at this year’s IAPPA conference. “Corrosion – Combating the hidden dangers in amusement parks and attractions” was the theme, and our very own Steve Hickey, Sr Project Manager for Baynum’s amusement team for over 30 years was a guest speaker. Steve is also an instructor for the NACE International Coating Inspector Program, and did an outstanding job emphasizing the importance of corrosion awareness, and highlighting best practices for protecting everyone from its dangerous effects. We want to thank everyone at IAPPA and NACE for helping put together this session, and thanks to Steve for representing Baynum’s team so well.

Story Land’s New Attraction

The Story Land NH amusement park has an exciting new attraction about to launch – The Living Shores Aquarium. We can’t wait to visit this 32k sq ft interactive experience once it’s open. Baynum Painting’s team was thrilled to install the building’s decorative aqua-themed exterior coating scheme – check out these great before and after shots! Thank you to all of our friends at Palace Entertainment for choosing Baynum – the world’s leading amusement and theme park painting / coating provider for over 30 years!

Award Winning

This year Baynum Painting has had the honor of receiving the George Campbell Award for completing the Coney Island Cyclone repaint in 2016.

The George Campbell Award honors a difficult or complex industrial or commercial coatings project. Challenges may include extreme environmental conditions, time constraints, limited access or high traffic, complex structural components, or coordination with multiple trades or subcontractors.


Owner: Coney Island’s Luna Park

Contractor/Applicator: Baynum Painting

Coating Material Supplier: PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

The world’s most famous roller coaster, built in 1927, received some special attention from Baynum Painting’s crew. With 88 years of neglect and damage from the elements our team worked hard at prepping and removing worn paint and corrosion. The iconic ride has been restored to a beautiful new white finish and we are honored to have had a hand in the ride’s remarkable renovation.

This is Baynum Painting’s second SSPC award, in 2008 having been a recipient of their William Johnson Award for painting Six Flags Scream at Fiesta Texas.

Teaching Corrosion Control for Roller Coasters at AIMS

This week in Orlando Florida is the AIMS International (Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers) Safety Seminar, a comprehensive annual training expo for all types of Amusement Industry professionals.


Baynum Painting’s team is on-site instructing classes on ways to successfully control and remediate corrosion on amusement rides, an important part of a park’s  maintenance operation.  Having completed over 200 major ride renovations on amusement rides during its 30 year history, the experience and unique industry knowledge that Baynum’s team brings is invaluable when considering ways to maintain a ride’s coating.

Sherwin Williams’ industrial coating specialist, and NACE engineer Gary Vorick is seen here leading one of the course discussions.  Vorick has worked closely with the Baynum team to specify coatings on many ride projects over the years.

We were thrilled to be able to sponsor and take part in this week’s valuable seminar.  Thank you to Gary, the folks at AIMS, and all of the industry professionals who are working so hard to keep safety a top priority for our favorite amusement parks everywhere!

For more information on how to properly maintain your park’s amusement park rides, please contact the Baynum Painting team today.